Friday, April 1, 2016

The Flex - Flexual Healing VI: Live From The Paincave Cassette (2016) UK

                        Alrighty then, last post of the night !
                        I think i've edited every one of the Flexual Healing releases on
                        here over the last few years, and they just seem to get better all
                        the time !
                        I think Tom from Violent Reaction said they would be coming
                        back to the West Coast pretty soon ! I damn well hope so, missed
                        em' last time they were in town.
                        Freakin' love these guys, can't get enough of their abusive rage ! :)
                        I found this on a blog that just keeps giving:
                        One of the better blogs in the last few years, love these dudes !
                        Just had to edit this one like all the others.
                        Wasn't happy with the edit on Flex Bandcamp, some of the songs
                        seemed to be cut in the wrong places. At least to my ears, but i'm picky
                        about edit jobs, just my nature after doing this for a long time.
                        Anyway, hahaha, my ears are sensitive to these things :)
                        I think I did justice to this recording, cause it destroys !!!!!

                        01 Intro - We Don't Need You
                        02 Like You
                        03 Life Balance
                        04 The Flex - Virtual Reality
                        05 Waste My Time
                        06 Back For More
                        07 Just Can't Hate Enough
                        08 The Herd


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