Friday, April 1, 2016

Slag - Demo Tape (1985) Coral Springs, Florida

                           Never heard of these guys until a couple days ago, blew me
                           away when I first heard it !
                           My friend Dan from Jersey sent me this link. He used to live in
                           Florida, and has recently introduced me to some great bands I
                           never knew about, including the last post, Mode Of Ignorance.
                           This demo rules ! Reminds me of Sin 34 & Sado-Nation.
                           Demo is definitely a rough recording, but thank god for You Tube !
                           I keep finding rare old things uploaded by people who care enough
                           to rip these gems !
                           Ripping good old 80's female fronted hardcore !

                           01 Leading The Blind
                           02 Hard To Think
                           03 Fade Away
                           04 Get A Gun   
                           05 Play Play
                           06 I Don't Care         


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  1. hey man. can you reupload this? havent heard this demo since 2008/9.