Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Emenkaya - Self Titled lp (2013) Denmark

                            Here's another one my friend from Denmark sent me, Emenkaya.
                            I'd actually never heard of these guys until a few weeks ago, but
                            i'm definitely impressed with their style of HC/Punk ! From what
                            i've read, this band contains members of Cola Freaks, who are
                            more on the Punk side than this newer band. Emenkaya have a
                            unique sound, hardcore mixed with more modern elements.
                            Nothing like tough guy style, but more alternative mixed with HC,
                            but definitely not poppy either, has an aggressive edge to it. These
                            guys are definitely a breath of fresh air to the hardcore world, they
                            have their own style, which sets them apart from the mainstream !

                                  01 Vanskabt
                                  02 Ind I Et Rum & Skinnerne Synger
                                  03 Ulvene Kommer
                                  04 Spedalsk
                                  05 Sammenhold
                                  06 Menneske Frygt Dig
                                  07 Tabt
                                  08 Selvvalgt Terapi
                                  09 Broderskab
                                  10 Udviklingen Taler Imod Dig


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