Friday, August 23, 2013

Haka - Live @ WMUC Dining Hall, College Park-Maryland 12-4-2012

                                Alright, after some technical difficulties and some personal
                                issues, we are back in business ! The next 2 posts are Live
                                Haka sets from 2012. I posted their Tour tape a couple weeks
                                ago, and i've gotten very good feedback from people about these
                                dudes ! Also recieved a message from Haka with praise of my blog,
                                which was very cool also ! Christian from Haka also sent me
                                all the Live info, making it that much easier to edit their tunes !
                                Grab this download and the next to come, for Haka is a force to
                                be reckoned with !!!!!

                                01 False Hope
                                02 Depressed
                                03 Alone
                                04 Quarrel
                                05 End Judgement
                                06 Doubted
                                07 Stand
                                08 The Pits
                                09 Innocence


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