Thursday, January 11, 2018

BROKEN SOUND BARRIER Radio Show #1 2018 (New Show)

                        Alright folks, new year, new shows !
                        Missed a bunch of my shows last year. Had some issues last year,
                        like most all of us in these trying times, and as a result, I missed
                        quite a few radio shows.
                        This year is a new year, new hopes, all about being positive !
                        Hopefully I can maintain that positivity ! :)
                        I will try my hardest ! :)
                        And hopefully Trump is taken down hard this year, that would
                        be my biggest wish currently ! :)
                        OK, all that aside, time for the reason I do this, the music ! :)
                        New show available for download !!!!!
                        Broadcast Friday January 5th, 2018.
                        For any of you that missed it Live, here you go !!!!!

                        Peace, Love & Powerviolence forever !!!!!

                        Broken Sound Barrier 01-05-2018 Pt. 1

                        Broken Sound Barrier 01-05-2018 Pt. 2


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