Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Unholy Grave - Grind Hippies 9'' (lathe cut) (2013) Japan

                              Unholy Grave, enough said !!!!!
                              2013 unholy boot to the head & ears !
                              High-yaaaah, take that !!!!!!!!!!!
                              Happy New Years folks !

                              01 No Racial Superiority
                              02 Perigo Minas!
                              03 Murderer
                              04 Bad Luck
                              05 Broken Into Pieces
                              06 Death By Terror
                              07 Preconception
                              08 Seeds Of Evil
                              09 Teenage Lobotomy (Ramones)
                              10 Real Evil Ideology



  1. Oh hell yeah! I might take the rest of the day off just so I can go home and download this mf-er!!!! Thank you!!

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