Monday, August 31, 2015

Cokskar - Live On Radio K, Minneapolis-Minnesota 12-16-2012

                           Female fronted awesomeness !
                           One of my favorite Minnesota bands !!!!!
                           From 2012, with screaming love, COKSKAR !!!!!

                           01 Replicant
                           02 Requisite Positive Hardcore Song
                           03 I Don't Like Me
                           04 Brain Drain
                           05 Beginners Guide
                           06 Boredom
                           07 A Paean
                           08 Powderviolence
                           09 Repetitive Stress
                           10 Profit Violence
                           11 Shitty Pages
                           12 Brownie Points
                           13 Mosh Mammogram
                           14 BxYxOxJx
                           15 Creepin'and Freakin'
                           16 Cokroachskar
                           17 I Don't Wanna Play House
                           18 Boner Pit
                           19 Stupid Baby - An Unpopular Idea
                           20 Unknown



  1. Rad blog any chance you could repost those godstomper raritys? I got the root of all emo a split they did with he who corrupts if you want it...

    1. Sure thing my friend !
      And yes, would love Root Of All Emo, that'd be rad !

    2. Ah, my bad, I already have Root Of All Emo split :)
      I have a fairly big Godstomper collection on MP3 if you are looking for more.
      Are you on Soulseek music program ?