Friday, August 19, 2016

Urchin - Demo (2016) New York

                               Raw Punk/HC from New York area, featuring members of
                               Narcoleptics and Razorheads.
                               Damn good Demo with elements of raw and fast crust/d-beat !
                               Another overdone genre for the most part, yet I love the bands
                               who don't sound like they paid a fortune to get a clean studio
                               Grab it, play it loud !!!!!


                                                              (no track list)


  1. Hey, man! Your blog is cool and full of great stuff. I was looking for the Stillborn Christians demo but the MediaFire link isn't working anymore. Is there a another way to get it?

    1. Absolutely man ! Check out the Stillborn post, I re-upped the link.
      Also, are you on Soulseek music program ?
      All my files are on there, I have a massive collection.

  2. Ok, fella. I just got the Stillborn Christians RAR. Thanks alot!! I don't have Soulseeker, but i'll get it asap. Keep up the great work! ;-)