Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rajoitus - Discography Cassette (Sweden)

                               This one is a rarity, this is not the Discography CD, it's the cassette
                               that is extraordinarily hard to find ! Fortunately, there is a cool blog
                               that started posting lots of rare old releases. The blog posts mostly
                               in 1 track rips, so maybe I will start working with this blog to put
                               things in their correct perspective.
                               Much praise and appreciation to anal-tapes-crust blog, I think we will
                               be formimg a new friendship !
                               So, this one took a bit to edit to tracks, and there is some false info
                               on the tracklist from the tape, but i've corrected the incorrect info
                               while editing. Only missing a couple track titles, but working on
                               figuring out those untitled songs.
                               Anyway, here is an awesome gem, so grab it, and kick up the
                               volume, cause this tape freakin rips !!!!!



  1. Hi Mike!
    I couldn't find email address to you, so i use this :) Do you know this band from hungary? They started 1983. They have a demo (1986) and a newer studio recordings. If you interested i can send is to you, jaus give an address.
    I miss You in soulseek,:)
    Zoli (nyzoli in soulseek)