Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Cabeza Twins - III (2014) & Cabeza Twins - Live @ Ponx Church, Prairie Grove-Illinois 3-14-2014

                           My current favorite powerviolence band from Ilinois !!!!!
                           These guys have it all in my opinion ! Speed, noise/distortion,
                           comedy, and just all-out creative brutal explosive rage !
                           I wrote to these guys on bandcamp, cause I was highly impressed
                           with their recordings ! I recieved a reply from Macklin, very cool
                           dude from the band who helped me with song titles for the Live
                           They also have a second recording on bandcamp called Dogwart,
                           which I totally recommend you grab !
                           Still looking for their first recording, which I hope the band finds
                           and rips for me at some point.
                           Love Cabeza Twins, these guys rule !!!!!
                           Hope to hear more great stuff from these dudes in the near future !!!!!

                           01 School of Love
                           02 Burn Down The Web
                           03 Good Times - Outro A
                           04 Fuck Screwdriver
                           05 Fine By Me
                           06 Anti-Human - Outro B


                           Cabeza Twins - Live @ Ponx Church, Prairie Grove-Ill. 3-14-2014

                         01 Straighten Out
                         02 School of Love
                         03 Fuck Screwdriver
                         04 Fine By Me
                         05 Anti-Human
                         06 Burn Down The Web
                         07 Convenience Cop
                         08 Good Times
                         09 You Lose (7 Seconds)
                         10 Pool Pressure



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