Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lovgun - Bisou 7'' (2012) Lyon, France

                            Raging grind/violence from France !
                            This ep goes back to 2012, found it as 2 tracks on their bandcamp
                            Ripping good ep, I highly recommend this bad boy !
                            Recently they put out a split with Higgs Boson from Norway,
                            another great powerviolence band ! You can grab the Lovgun side on
                            their bandcamp.
                            You should definitely check out Higgs Boson as well, here's a link to
                            their bandcamp:
                            The French have impressed me greatly in the last few years, there are
                            alot of killer bands in recent past, the scene has definitely grown !
                            Members of Lovgun are also in Warfuck, yet another shredding grind/
                            violence band !

                            01 Elodie
                            02 Camille
                            03 Christiane
                            04 Marine
                            05 Audrey
                            06 Virginia
                            07 Aisha
                            08 Carla
                            09 Perrine
                            10 Alexandra
                            11 Paranoia Secured (His Hero Is Gone)


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