Friday, March 6, 2015

Blackball - Live @ Prisma Video, Raleigh-NC 3-1-2015 (North Carolina/Virginia)

           Hey there everyone ! It's been a while... :)
           Haven't been feeling 100% this year, and due to that, this is my first post
           of 2015.
           So anyhow, gotta get myself up and running here, need to put some pep
           in my step ! :)
           This a new band that will be on my Thrash Up My Ass! Vol. 2 comp,
           which will hopefully be out by this summer !
           The band is made up of my friend David Gallagher (Vacant Planet, Prosthesis)
           on guitar, Jeff Young (Stripmines, Skemata, Mercy Killings, Prosthesis) on
           guitar, Christophe Bequet (Abuse.) on bass, Anthony Williams (Future Binds,
           Pure Scum, Bandages) on drums, and Ericka Kingston (Burn Ward, Crooked
           Teeth) on vocals.
           Funny enough, I still haven't met Ericka yet, but her other band Crooked Teeth
           was on the first Thrash Up My Ass! comp which came out in 2010.
           Hash from Crooked Teeth/Unholy Thoughts actually was one one I contacted
           to get Crooked Teeth for the first comp.
           But it's a small world that I meet up with another of Ericka's bands for Thash
           Up My Ass! Vol. 2 :)
           Anyhow, enough about that, this is a Live set from less than a week ago to
           get you primed up for their Demo which should be out real soon here !
           David just sent me this link yesterday for all to check out, cool blog with
           more on this awesome new band !
           No track list yet, but Demo will be out soon folks, be patient ! :)
           Ok, no more waiting, with no further anticipation needed, I give you the
           fueled up & explosive new band, Blackball !!!!!


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