Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Postman - S-T (2014) O.C., California

                         Alright, I dowloaded this from bandcamp a few months back, and
                         it frankly freakin' stunted my growth ! :)
                         This one takes me back to the early days of powerviolence, that
                         in your face Infest sound or some may call it west coast powerviolence
                         Whatever you want to call it, i'm calling this my number 1 favorite
                         release of 2014 !!!!!
                         If any of you know me, and alot of you do, you know I hold
                         powerviolence very near and dear to my heart ! :)
                         This one is a masterpiece in my opinion, one of the best pv releases
                         in years !
                         Not that I don't love all you other pv bands that are my Brother's,
                         there are many masterpieces in the last few years from bands all
                         over the planet. But this release is definitely up there in my book !!!!!
                         Postman features Chris Layhee from Tension on guitar/vocals, and
                         Blake Andreas from Chainsaw Squid on drums/back-up vocals.
                         Took me a bit to edit this one. I just realized they put lyrics up, so
                         I finished it earlier today.
                         I believe this is either already out, or coming out on Opaqus Records.
                         I e-mailed these guys, and Chris gave me the go ahead to post on here.
                         This will rip your face off, so I highly recommend it !!!!!

                         01 Orange Curtain
                         02 World View
                         03 Selling God
                         04 Building Mountains
                         05 No Positive Outlook
                         06 Friend
                         07 Repress Everything
                         08 Realization
                         09 ''Close''
                         10 Earned Respect


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  1. Hey Mike! Here´s Sebastián from Chulo. My computer from where I signed up to soulseek is wrecked... Do you have an e-mail address where I can write to you? Mine is , cheers.