Monday, October 17, 2016

Agathocles/SxOxTxEx - Split Cassette (2016) Belgium-Hungary


                         Killer killer killer split !
                         Got this one from my friend Mark in Budapest.
                         Mark is currently the drummer for SxOxTxEx and many other
                         bands, very cool dude !
                         Here are some of his projects:
                         (members of Amputation Of Personality also in Happy Pill Trauma,
                         and Suffering Mind).
                         Aladar, a personal favorite, not just because my other good bud
                         Attila (Crippled Fox/FxAxSxTx/Back Off!!/Motivation) is also
                         in it, but because it's epic !!!!! Hellnation covers a blazin' !!!!!
                         Anyhow, my love of Agathocles has grown lately !
                         I always told myself I would never collect their stuff, too many
                         releases like Unholy Grave, but I find myself collecting both bands
                         now, i'm pathetic ! :) But i'm diehard, so I find alot, and that's good !
                         Ok, new split, Agathocles side recorded in 2013, and SxOxTxEx
                         side is Live from Bulgaria 2015.
                         Ridiculously great material by both bands !!!!!
                         If you collect Agathocles, you definitely want to grab this one !!!!!

                         01 Agathocles - D For Distortion
                         02 Agathocles - Not Happy At All
                         03 Agathocles - Dry Throats
                         04 Agathocles - Feedback Attack
                         05 Agathocles - Zeke Ate White Powder
                         06 SxOxTxEx - White Stick Society (Live)
                         07 SxOxTxEx - Potyautas (Live)
                         08 SxOxTxEx - Prelude To A Civil War (Live)
                         09 SxOxTxEx - Napalm Life (Live)
                         10 SxOxTxEx - Wage-Slave Exchange (Live)
                         11 SxOxTxEx - Entombed In Plastic - SxFxExGx (Live)
                         12 SxOxTxEx - A Thin Green Veneer Over Business As Usual (Live)
                         13 SxOxTxEx - Total Environmental Collapse (Live)
                         14 SxOxTxEx - Military Entertainment Complex (Live)
                         15 SxOxTxEx - Soil Erosion (Live)
                         16 SxOxTxEx - Panic (Live)
                         17 SxOxTxEx - Resource Wars (Live)
                         18 SxOxTxEx - Choking Atmosphere (Live)


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