Saturday, October 7, 2017

V.A. - Never Forget ! (North American Hardcore Compilation) 1989 (by Mike X./aka-oldschoolmike)

                     OK, total blast from the past !
                     Finally found the artwork for the compilation I made in 1989 !
                     Never found the cassette itself, but was able to piece together the
                     whole comp in it's original form, using the same versions of the songs
                     that were on the tape, but from MP3's.
                     I did the artwork, and put the whole thing together way back when.
                     I wanted to release it, the unfortunate part was that Dischord Records
                     would not let me use the Minor Threat song :(
                     Out of frustration, I just basically gave them away as a mixtape, or
                     as they referred to back in the 80's as car tapes (or tapes for long trips) :)
                     I had already ripped the tapes, so eliminating the Minor Threat song
                     would have been a hassle !
                     Anyway, if you love 80's Hardcore, you'll love this rager !!!!!
                     Highly recommended !!!!!

                     01 Necros - Bad Dream (Maumee, Ohio)
                     02 Toxic Reasons - How Do You Feel ? (Dayton, Ohio)
                     03 Crucifix - Prejudice (San Francisco, Ca.)
                     04 Social Unrest - Mental Breakdown (Hayward, Ca.)
                     05 Sin 34 - Nuclear War (Santa Monica, Ca.)
                     06 Zero Boys - Drug Free Youth (Indianapolis, Indiana)
                     07 Willful Neglect - Abort The Mission (St. Paul, Minnesota)
                     08 Hüsker Dü - In A Free Land (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
                     09 A.O.F. - What We Want Is Free (Chicago, Ill.)
                     10 SSDecontrol - Boiling Point (Boston, Mass.)
                     11 Jerry's Kids - Machine Gun (Boston, Mass.)
                     12 Die Kreuzen - Don't Say Please (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
                     13 Whipping Boy - America Must Die (San Francisco, Ca.)
                     14 Stretch Marks - Barren Cities (Winnipeg-Manitoba, Canada)
                     15 Armed Citizens - Make Sense (NYC, New York)
                     16 Breakouts - Junkies All Around You (San Francisco, Ca.)
                     17 C.I.A. - Who Cares ? - Death (Bridgeport, Connecticut)
                     18 Beastie Boys - Michelle's Farm (NYC, New York)
                     19 S.O.A. - Girl Problems (Washington DC)
                     20 7 Seconds - If The Kids Are United (Sham 69) (Reno, Nevada)
                     21 Offenders - Bad Times (Killeen, Texas)
                     22 Scream - Ultra Violence (Bailey's Crossroads, Virginia)
                     23 Void - Time To Die (Columbia, Maryland)
                     24 Lost Generation - Shiek O.P.E.C. (Westport, Connecticut)
                     25 China White - Anthem (Huntington Beach, California)
                     26 Bad Religion - Drastic Actions (San Fernando Valley, Ca.)
                     27 Government Issue - Lost In Limbo - Plain To See (Washington DC)
                     28 N.O.T.A. - Moscow (Tulsa, Oklahoma)
                     29 A.O.D. - Return To Beneath The Planet Of Adrenalin O.D.
                     V.S. Godzilla Strikes Again. In 3-D (Paterson, New Jersey)
                     30 Meat Puppets - In a Car (Paradise Valley, Arizona)
                     31 The Faith - In the Black (Washington DC)
                     32 C.O.C. - Indifferent (Raleigh, No. Carolina)
                     33 The Accüsed - Martha Splatterhead (Seattle, Washington)
                     34 Minor Threat - Salad Days (Washington DC)
                     35 Poison Idea - Short Fuse (Portland, Oregon)
                     36 D.R.I. - Money Stinks (San Francisco via Houston, Texas)


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