Sunday, February 14, 2016

Realized - Demo Cassette (2000) Japan

                     My friend GrindFreakMike from Milwaukee sent me this one
                     to do my magic with.
                     Didn't realize I didn't have these guys in my vault of files.
                     I actually do have them on a couple comps, but I have so much
                     music, they got lost in the mix.
                     Impressive crust/grind from Japan, this Demo rules !!!!!
                     Shout out to my Milwaukee buds, where some of the best hardcore
                     in the world emanated and continues to emanate from, the land of
                     Cows and Beer (and cheese:)
                     Shout outs to:
                     Dan Kubinski (Die Kreusen)
                     Rev. Norbie Ugly (Suburban Mutilation)
                     Graem (SFN/Mellow Harsher)
                     Bubba (Party By The Slice/Short Walk/Shut In/No Brainer)
                     Eric Meyer (Bored Straight/Tenement/Failed Mutation)
                     GrindFreakMike (Soulseek)

                     01 Realized Karma
                     02 Remedy
                     03 Japan Contagion
                     04 Subterfuger
                     05 Future Kill
                     06 High On Stench
                     07 Trendiarrhea Contamination
                     08 Pretty Impure Strangers
                     09 Think Nothing
                     10 Witch Twitch
                     11 Complete Human Torture
                     12 Bright Blood Red Sweat


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