Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Slaughter Squad - Slaughter Squad In Space (2015) Texas

                          Newer grinders from the great state of Texas !
                          The band actually helped me edit this one, made a couple mistakes
                          in the process :)
                          Killer grind stylings from these youngsters !
                          Check em out:
                          I'm sure we'll probably be hearing more from them real soon !

                          01 Turf Wars
                          02 Moving Target
                          03 Android Assassin
                          04 Human Bait
                          05 Vegan Prostitute
                          06 That Boy Don't Make Sense He Makes Chicken
                          07 Vandalismo
                          08 Bowie Interlude - Somebodys Gonna Get Beat The Fuck Up Tonight
                          09 Epitaph of A Drunkard
                          10 Thru The Eyes of An Angel
                          11 The Humiliation Station
                          12 Somali Pirates
                          13 1000 Tentacles
                          14 Pug Uprising - Stay Alive Til The Loveboat Arrives
                          15 High Speed Chase
                          16 Meet The Maker
                          17 The Way Out