Monday, November 7, 2016

Anal Trump, band of the week !!!!! :)

                   Hahahahahahaha, these guys absolutely rule !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                   Gotta check em out !
                   And on that note, PLEASE VOTE TOMORROW !!!!!
                   Your future will very much depend on it !

                    01 You Gotta Treat Em Like Shit
                    02 PTSD Is Gay
                    03 Some Mexicans Aren't Rapists
                    04 I Like The Soldiers Who Don't Get Captured
                    05 My Daughter Is A Piece Of Ass
                    06 Poor People Are Too Stupid To Get A Loan From Their Parents
                    07 There's My African American!
                    08 Blood Coming Out Of Her Wherever
                    09 Mexican Judges Don't Count
                    10 Journalism Is Gay
                    11 I'd Date My Daughter
                    12 Grab Em By The Pussy
                    13 Take His Coat
                    14 Breast Feeding Is Gay
                    15 Ted Nugent Is Cool
                    16 Dave Mustaine Is Cool
                    17 Trump Tower Has The Best Taco Bowls
                    18 Poll Watcher
                    19 Some Things Saddam Hussein Did Well
                    20 Changing Diapers Is Gay
                    21 Build That Wall
                    22 Alex Jones Is Smart
                    23 I'm In Astonishingly Excellent Health
                    24 Stay In Your Pens
                    25 911 Was Inconvenient For Me, Personally
                    26 Make America Great Again
                    27 Nobody Respects Women More Than Me
                    28 Harriet Tubman Is, Like, A 3
                    29 I Demand An Apology!
                    30 That Makes Me Smart!



  1. I saw this and it cracked me up so I had to pick it up

    1. haha, nice ! :) Classic stuff for these times ! :)