Saturday, November 12, 2016

Sweats - Demo '16 (2016) Portland, Oregon

                       Wow, this demo came out in April, seemed to have slipped by me.
                       Just stumbled upon this band going through bandcamp pages.
                       Blow's me away how good this is !!!!!
                       Harkens back to the sound of early 80's raw hardcore ala Negative
                       Alot of people put this Oi stigma on Negative Approach, which is
                       not correct at all ! NA was USHC at it's best, although they took some
                       UK influence, they were much more raw USHC then kids describe
                       them today.
                       As were the almighty Violent Apathy, who alot of people forgot about
                       over the years, one of my favorite !
                       Sweats bring back that raw USHC grit in this Demo with a vengeance !
                       This is one of my favorite Demo's this year !
                       Stellar hardcore band !!!!!

                       01 TV Man
                       02 Infected
                       03 Running
                       04 Toilet
                       05 Sweats


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