Saturday, November 26, 2016

Broken Sound Barrier is back !!!!! Live on the radio tonight November 26th, 2016 at 6pm Los Angeles time.

                          You can tune in all over the world right here:
                          Show starts in 3 hours from now.
                          If you are a fan of hardcore punk/grind/powerviolence/old
                          80's hardcore/noisy stuff in general, this show is right up your
                          alley !
                          I would just say, if you like fast and crazy stuff, you will definitely
                          dig this ! :)
                          Broken Sound Barrier is back from the dead !!!!!
                          Thanks to Bacteria (my good friend and former DJ family member
                          from Core Of Destruction Radio), oldschoolmike is back ! :)
                          Check out Bacteria's show Spread The Virus !!!!!
                          She is the best, can't begin to thank her enough !!!!!
                          Anyway, TUNE IN ! Starts in 3 hours !
                          Love you all !
                          Except Fidel (he can burn in hell ! :), Trump, Putin, Trump's butt-
                          buddy Pence, Assad, and all the other nasty evil people in the world,
                          they just can't die fast enough ! :)


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