Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Magnum Force - Last Tape cassette (2013) Arizona

  One of my favorite powerviolence acts from Arizona, Magnum Force !
                    These dudes are brutal, and radical !
                    They don't put out stuff very often, and in 2013 before they called it
                    quits for a short time, they put this one out on Tour.
                    This was suppose to be Magnum Force's last release, and it was only sold
                    at the Despise You show on 9/7/13 in Pomona, CA.
                    Just love this band !
                    Unfortunately no track list for this one, trying to contact the band for
                    The great news is they are back together, playing shows and writing new
                    material !

                                                             Repost 8/18/2016


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