Tuesday, October 20, 2015

V.A. - Those Bands That Are Jüst Okay cassette (2010) Frankenjew Records

                    This tape was sent to me by AJ, along with like 5 other tapes and
                    2 ep's.
                    AJ was in such bands as:
                    Birth Deformities, Buff Shit, Gas Rag, Poor Choice, Narrow Mind,
                    Violent Change, Cülo, and more...
                    Very cool dude, representing the Chicago scene with great enthusiasm
                    & vigor !
                    Not sure what he's up to these days, i'll have to contact him.
                    All his bands are defunct at the moment, so not sure what's happening
                    with him.
                    Great guy and good friend ! Was very cool of him to send me a ton
                    of free stuff !
                    Now that I have a USB tape ripper, this compilation is now available
                    for your ear abusing pleasure !
                    From 2010, a feast of midwest brutality !!!!!

                    01 Lake Breeze - Fuck Neighbors
                    02 Lake Breeze - Mucocele
                    03 Cülo - I Used To Be The Shit
                    04 Cülo - School Was Bad But Work Is Worse
                    05 Geffika - Wrong One
                    06 Geffika - Don't Get Pinned
                    07 Poor Choice - Get Your MP Out Of My Shows
                    08 Poor Choice - What Ideals-
                    09 M3thlaab - Essence Of The Wolf
                    10 M3thlaab - Hot Knives
                    11 Station's Creation - Nike
                    12 Station's Creation - Slaveraper
                    13 Harshest Realm - Sick Garage Rock Banger
                    14 Harshest Realm - Antisocial
                    15 And Jesus Was A Sailor - Untitled 1 & 2
                    16 Morbid Obesity - The Juggernaut, Bitch
                    17 Morbid Obesity - Cupcake Crusaders
                    18 Outro (Sayonara)


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