Tuesday, October 20, 2015

xHOSTAGEx - Relentless Persecution cassette (2012) Oakland (Hash Crimes LLC)

                    This one illuded me completely.
                    Never even new about this release til about a month ago.
                    When I found it and listened, damn near crapped my pants !
                    How did I miss this one ?
                    Well, I missed it because it was not readily available. As I am
                    a master at finding hardcore i'm searching for, I am not invincible,
                    although I might wish I were :)
                    Ok, that being said, this thing is a blistering masterpiece !!!!!
                    One of the better grind/pv releases i've heard in a while, although
                    there are tons of great bands currently pimpin' these genres !
                    Crushingly explosive short lived band, I highly highly highly
                    recommend this one !!!!!
                    01 Remembered
                    02 Crucial Annihilation
                    03 Destined To Destroy
                    04 Removed From Life
                    05 Woke Up Angry
                    06 Relentless Persecution
                    07 Transformation
                    08 The Call
                    09 Dismember To Beauty
                    10 Grim Fucking End
                    11 Lonely Reality
                    12 I Accomplished Failure
                    13 Occupying Ignorance
                    14 No Rules In Grind
                    15 Comforting Darkness


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