Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Mormons On Bicycles - Demo (2000) + Mormons On Bicycles - tracks from split 7'' with Anal Mucus (2001) Concord, California

                           Don't know too much about these guys, accept they were a
                           powerviolence/fastcore band from east bay area California.
                           Recently Robert from Terminal Escape/Escape Is Terminal
                           blogs, posted a Live set of theirs.
                           Just pure raging goodness !
                           I'd say more about these guys if I had more info. Only other
                           info I have about em' is that they have a split with Anal Mucus,
                           which i'm putting up in the same post.
                           Just grab it, you won't be disappointed !
                           Well, you might be disappointed if you are expecting something
                           like Green Day :)

                           01 One Second Song
                           02 AK-47
                           03 Short Bus Kids
                           04 Work
                           05 Help I'm Drowning
                           06 Dead End
                           07 Mormons On Bicycles
                           08 Kittens
                           09 Bowel Movement
                           10 Gynacology
                           11 Drinking With a Communist
                           12 Dumb and Dahmer
                           13 Bean Burrito
                           14 Serious Song
                           15 Meow, Meow, Meow

                    Mormons On Bicycles - tracks from split 7'' with Anal Mucus (2001)

                          Split with Anal Mucus.
                          Listed as "Bicycling Through the Pit E.P."

                          01 Vegetarian Librarian Pedestrian
                          02 Thought Control
                          03 Maggot Therapy
                          04 AK-47
                          05 Bowel Movement
                          06 Short Bus Kids
                          07 Pathetic
                          08 Punks From Concord


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