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BxSxEx - Campaign Against Musical Corruption 1999-2001 2xCD collection (2012) Holland (compiled and edited by Vincent & oldschoolmike)

So, here we go ! A couple weeks ago I got a message from Vince of BxSxEx/
All Tensed Up. He's been compiling BxSxEx recordings for a few years now,
i've edited a few sets for him in the past. He found some more recordings recently,
and that prompted him to want to put together a collection of BxSxEx recordings.
I was definitely up for the task, i'm a huge fan of BxSxEx ! So the last 2 weeks,
Vince & I have been passing recordings back and forth, i've been editing last
remaining recordings, and we are done ! There might be a couple more recordings
out there, and if there is, we will add to the collection at a later date. Now I give
you the story of BxSxEx in Vincent's words himself !

Holy shit! this is it ! The ultimate B.S.E collection, 148 tracks on 2 cd's.
Mike wanted me to write  something about the history of the band so
here it is.

BSE started late 1998 in a shithole in the middle of Holland, with Barend
on bass, Roy on vocals and me on drums. Having problems finding anyone
who wanted to play guitar for us, we asked Brian (a guitarist from some
horrible pop/rock band) if he was up for the job, and he was. Our first
rehearsal was December 5 1998, and our first show was on New Years Eve
at a local squad (without Brian, who had better things to do). We played 6
songs in 5 minutes in front of some old hippies and local punks. The next shows
we did were thanks to the band INSULT, who let us play the last 10 minutes
of their shows. I remember going to Germany and doing our 10 minutes when
INSULT played there with German heroes YACOPSAE, the show was not
what we hoped for. INSULT never got to play because there was a broken
bass amp or something, so we never played. But watching YACOPSAE
destroy the universe, was worth the long ride to Germany ! In the weeks that
followed, Brian began talking about his little brother who wanted to sing in a
band. We didn't like the idea much, because having another Brian in the band
was a scary thought. But slowly Brian talked us into it, and Sanne began doing
guest vocals at some local shows, and ended up being a permanent member.
We recorded a lot of rehearsals, and spread those tapes to anyone who wanted
to have them. Some of the rehearsal songs ended up on compilation tapes.
June 8, 1999 was our first real show outside of Holland. Again we ended up in
Germany, this time to support ASSHOLE PARADE. AP blew us from stage
A.N.S. even beat us playing football (soccer for all you Americans :) How we
lost playing our national sport against some Americans is still something i don't
understand... But we beat them at smoking weed, and that must count for 
something :)
In July 1999, we started recording songs for the Wall of Death split ep with
INSULT. Halfway through the recording we had a power failure and we lost
half of the recording session. The split ep was released 1 week after we played
the release party in December 1999. Early February 2000, we recorded songs
for our second ep and some comp songs. The split was supposes to be with
STRONG INTENTION, but that never happened. The compilation also never
got released, so we ended up with a recording, but nothing to release it on. After
the recordings, we kicked out Brian for showing up 2 hours late and wasted at a
show. Within minutes we had Willem Jan (INSULT) as our new guitar player (the
Insult/B.S.E. jam session on this cd is from that night). Summer 2000 we did a one
week tour in the UK with our good friends INSULT. We played with some fucking
great bands ! NARCOSIS, URKO, SAWN OFF,VOORHEES... And the whole
trip was amazing ! After the tour, Barend had enough of playing Live, and left the
band. This was the beginning of the end ! His replacement Rutger was an alright
bass player, but with him an WJ in the band, things had changed. Maybe having 2
sxe guys in the band was upsetting the cloud of green smoke that filled up our
rehearsal room :) Roy and Sanne had asked me to join them in a side project called
ALL TENSED UP, and there we found the thing that was missing from B.S.E. Roy
and me talked for 3 minutes and declared B.S.E. dead. After B.S.E. was dead and
gone, Richard of UPS Records released  the Under Control Session as a split ep with
PCP.  B.S.E. was very fun to do, and doing a shitload of shows with some of our
favorite bands like the allmighty HARD TO SWALLOW,MIHOEN!, AMDI
something i never forget ! A huge thanks goes out to Mike for making these two cd's
reality !

MOSH IT UP!!!!!!!!

CD 1

CD 1 - Track Info
1-01-1-08 Under Control Session 2000
1-09-1-18 Wall of Death Session (summer 1999)
1-19-1-35 Live @ Gaellus, Venray-Holland (early 1999)
1-36-1-50 Rehearsal Tape June 13, 1999
1-51-1-56 Rehearsal Tape April 1999
1-57-1-81 Early 99' Rehearsal

CD 2

CD 2 - Track Info
2-01-2-05 Tracks from split with PCP (recorded in 2000, split released in 2001)
2-06-2-12 Tracks from split with Insult (recorded and released in late 99')
2-13-2-31 Rehearsal 2000 (with Willem Jan, April 2000)
2-32-2-47 Live in Krisis, Hilversum-Holland (12-11-1999)
2-48-2-52 Insult & B.S.E. - Live Jam Session @ The Krisis, Hilversum-Holland
(early 2000)
2-53-2-63 Live in Zeist 2000
2-64-2-67 Goudvishal Arnhem-Holland 2000

Other recording info:
Wall of Death - split 7" (B.S.E./Insult) Dec. 1999 Balowski Records (1000 normal /
50  UK Tour version)

Under Control/My War - split 7" (B.S.E./PCP) 2001 UPS Records (500 made)

What's Worse also on "Short Fast & Loud" comp cd, Slap a Ham Records
Straight Edge SS also on "Onslaught" comp ep, G7 Records

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