Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Absolute Respect: L.A.'s own Grampa, 1927-2017

The man was sweet. I know that's generic to say, expected even, but I'm saying it anyway: In my experience Bob's grampa was kind and sweet. It's a blessed rarity (the most refreshing) to interact with any human being where it's not just easy words that they choose to say, but a feeling they leave with you that equates to nothing less than real gentleness and positivity. Socal collectively mourns this sweet, kind, and inspirational man's passing. No tuff guy "power" rephrasing: Just rest in peace Grampa, we miss you.

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I knew Grandpa as well, he was a great man, and fantastic human being !
Saw him at a few shows over the years, and always shook his hand and talked with him for a few minutes.
I went to what was supposed to be Grandpa Fest last year at Perez Tires, but it was
cancelled due to some technical difficulties.
The show actually still went on, but not as Grandpa Fest, and unfortunately Grandpa was not there.
Huge loss for the hardcore community of SoCal !
He will be missed by all that knew and loved him !
My condolences to Bob and his family !


R.I.P. Grandpa

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