Friday, February 10, 2017

Captain Caveman - Failes Species cassette (2015) Trier, Germany

                              Been waiting for this one for a long time !
                              Finally got my hands on it !
                              Excellent powerviolence band from Germany who have been
                              around for a few years !
                              These guys know what powerviolence is all about !
                              Absolutely love this band !!!!!

                              01 Pipebombs Dreams
                              02 Taste TheWaste
                              03 Casualties Of War
                              04 Schädelpresse
                              05 Life
                              06 Dick Destroyer
                              07 Lie Upon Lie
                              08 Kopfdefekt
                              09 Farming Goats On Rotten Soil
                              10 Kotzsturm
                              11 First World Problems
                              12 D-beat Disillution
                              13 Enslaved  
                              14 Fed Up And Tired
                              15 Crushing Enemy Skulls
                              16 Borefare 
                              17 Alternative Gegen Deutschland
                              18 Sweatin' To The Oldies (Spazz)
                              19 And Man Learned To Kill
                              20 Powerviolence Genug 



  1. If it's from Trier, Bremen (and surrounding areas) or Wuppertal in Germany I am so all over it. I grew up in those cities. Thanks.

    1. Ah, very cool !
      Always wanted to go there !
      Maybe some day :)

  2. If you ever get to Germany Trier (should still be) a must see. Granted I have not been there since 1973, and I am quite confident it has been somewhat defaced with graffiti etc as most Germany cities I grew up in slowly but surely have been over the last 30 years, but back then (1968-1973) I loved going to visit my father there.

  3. Hi!
    This is Chris, singer for Captain Caveman.
    Great that you like it and thanks a lot for sharing it here :-)

    1. Awesome man, loved you guys since the beginning !
      You guys want to be on a compilation ?