Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Agathocles + No Krångel - Agathångel Split Cassette (2014) Belgium-Sweden

Ok, it's been 2 months since I last posted anything, good god !
Been kind of in a state of shock or something like that, just 
turned 50. Feeling old, and not as inspired as usual lately, but
i'm starting to get back in the spirit of things !
And with that old spirit, I bring you an aging, but inspirational
band who i've come to adore over the years ! That band that never 
stops releasing things, and probably has more releases than any band
on the planet (of course someone will probably prove me wrong on that),
yeah, you guessed it, Agathocles !
This split tape (which only 100 were released) was graciously 
uploaded to You Tube, which gave me the opportunity to edit.
So all you people with rare Agathocles releases, please rip to You Tube !
That will me me extremely happy, and in turn, I will make other
people happy by uploading it here in full digitally edited glory !
Ok, enough talk, time to thrash !!!!!

01 Agathocles - Our Choice For Noise
02 Agathocles - Slaying Notes
03 Agathocles - The Same
04 Agathocles - Copy This, Ya Bastards!
05 Agathocles - Copyright Mobsters
06 Agathocles - Smash And Bash
07 Agathocles - Indirect Action
08 Agathocles - Debris
09 Agathocles - How Does It Feel?
10 Agathocles - War Shield
11 Agathocles - Black Tea
12 Agathocles - Will Gone, Lobotomy Done
13 No Krångel - Dismembering Your Children
14 No Krångel - Röck N Röll Döts
15 No Krångel - The Satanic Mark
16 No Krångel - I'm Not A Satanist, I Sacrifice People For Fun
17 No Krångel - Torn To Pieces
18 No Krångel - Nu Har Gurra Något Nytt Att Knulla Till
19 No Krångel - Inte Ens Vi Gillar No Krångel
20 No Krångel - Family Friendly Brutal Massacre
21 No Krångel - Punkebrall
22 No Krångel - Kuken Har En Kuk På Benet
23 No Krångel - Death Kills
24 No Krångel - Noisepop Ist Krieg
25 No Krångel - Transsexual Hunger
26 No Krångel - Drill Her Kill Her
27 No Krångel - NekroAdde Från No Krångel

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