Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Magnum Force - 2013 Tape (2013) arizona

                          Alright, back to Magnum Force again !
                          Not sure why I didn't edit this one earlier then their Last Tape,
                          but finally getting around to it.
                          Always love this band, but they don't record often, and their stuff
                          is hard to find online !
                          Big thanks to Brandon Denetsosie for ripping this and Last Tape !!!!!
                          Brandon & Vinod Karki are always on top of new releases, love
                          those guys !!!!!
                          Anyway, this is their tape from 2013, rough recording, but brutally
                          good as always !
                          Hood Crimes was great, but it's the same recording as their Last
                          Tape from 2013.
                          Really hope they record more soon !

                          01 Forced
                          02 Boxed In
                          03 Reject
                          04 Shut Down
                          05 Burden


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